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paper-thin whispers,

(thin as the lies you told me.)

paper-thin whispers
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well, hello there.
I am a girl who loves too much and hates too little. I sometimes think it's unfair, how I was made this way, but I don't mind; it's so much easier and more joyful to see the good in things, isn't it? When I don't (try to) write, I daydream and sing and lose myself in thoughts. Of what, you ask? Of anything, of everything - it could be mundane, it could be important, but I dream either way. (Come what may, my thoughts will always be clouded by pretty-faced Korean idols - by five very important boys in particular, even. ♥)

the path ahead is so long,
I really do love writing with all my heart, even if it takes a while to get those muses running. Almost everything here will be a work of fiction, woven from my endless daydreams and spurts of inspiration. So I ask that you don't take everything I write too seriously; they are, after all, merely products of my stray thoughts. It may be just a tale, or it may be a reflection of how I feel - that I will leave up to you to read between the lines.

maybe you could walk with me?
Writing is more like a form of expressing emotions for me. I guess it's more like a fantasy-like diary? I write what I feel at the moment, if the inspiration is right. They say one's art is at its peak when emotion is put into the process, but I feel like I still have a long way to go. If you do happen to take a fancy to what I write though, I would love to share my future work with you, so if you'd join/watch the comm, I couldn't be any happier. c:

Thank you so much for reading this and dropping by! Have a nice day~ ♥

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